Online Dating benefits and disadvantages

Online Dating has obviously become very popular due to the introduction of social media and other internet platforms. Online Dating has lots of benefits and disadvantages as well. These advantages and disadvantages can be interpreted through different perspectives. It all  depends on the individual person. 

Online Dating is favorable
By simply Visiting an online dating website and having access to thousands of people within any area of your choice in few seconds is part of what makes it highly convenient for people who are always too busy to search for someone they love. As y'all know, in other to search for some one you have a special bond with, you'll have to go on parties, and other social gatherings. This makes it really hard for people who have a full time job or other commitments.
Online Dating helps you cover more ground and saves lots of stress..

It offers more variety
You can easily have access to unlimited number of profiles to find a date. 
You can be more choosy about who you would love to be with instead of ending up with someone you don't really like. You even have the option to specify if you want a red head, blonde, slim, short, or tall date. It all depends on your choice. 
It's Kinda safe
Online Dating is safe at the first stage–when you're just messaging someone & getting to know them. This helps you to know what someone is truly like and how they'll react to some things about you.
It wont be wrong to say that it prepares you for the date...

It helps boost self esteem 
Lots of people are too shy to talk to people they like. 
Online Dating enables shy people make the first move of getting to know someone. 
It helps diffuse the tension and prepares them for the actual official date. 

It helps you bring your best to the table
You upload the nicest photos of yourself, talk only about the pleasant and fun parts of your life that others will be drawn to.

Despite all these advantages, Online Dating has its disadvantages too.
So, If you have an interest in Online Dating, do it with a caution. 
Don't have so much expectations from someone you met online until you guys finally meet in reality.
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